Pet Care


        Purchasing or adopting a pet is a serious commitment; a pet has many needs and requires special care that pet owners should not overlook. A regular visit to your veterinarian for physical health exams and vaccinations is always recommended. Parasite protection is also an important step in maintaining your pet’s health and wellness.


Your pet’s nutrition is very important; feeding your pet a good quality diet will reduce chances of health issues and maximize your pet’s lifespan. Several specialized diets exist to target and help prevent certain common health issues. Ask your veterinarian about your pet’s nutrition and which diet would be best. For more information, visit:


Vaccination is a very important part in caring for your pet. Viral and bacterial diseases are a danger to pets of any age. Vaccination provides temporary protection against many diseases and should be part of your pet’s annual visit. Young pets should be vaccinated as soon as deemed appropriate by your veterinarian.

Parasite Protection

Parasites are a very common and sometimes recurring issue with all pets of any age. Thankfully most parasites are very easily treated and prevented. Your veterinarian can provide quality parasite treatment and prevention products that are safe and effective. It is often recommended to apply regular parasite prevention products to your pet (usually monthly) during seasons of risk. Ask your veterinarian for information about different parasites, risks, and available products.